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On testing the significance of squared semipartial correlation coefficient. Please could you guide me on how to test the significance of squared semipartial correlation coefficient. I do not know which test to use and the determination of significance or not..
Miner, can you tell me how minitab computes the standard errors for the values in the survival probabilities of the output.

Thanks! (I thought the SE should be the same for each value, but I'm obviously wrong!)
Unfortunately, Minitab 18 took their Help files to the cloud and do not provide the formulas as completely as before. However, notice that the SE are increasing as the number of At Risk decreases, so it is a sample size function.
We are undergoing a dissertation about the measurement/level of preparedness of banks when it comes to the uprising risks of potential lapse on their system, we've incorporated the concept to "contingency planning" , we have a set of questionnaires for them to answer on how they are prepared on the impact of a system lapse. The question were answerable by YES, MAYBE and NO. We ONLY PICKED 3 banks as our respondents
What statistical tool should I use to interpret the data?