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    Hey,I just wanted to verify central limit theorem,basically in single sav file, I will generate random variables then take a sample from it,but it takes time, Is there any shortcut for taking out multiple samples from a single population in SPSS?
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    Hypothesis formulation and variables

    Ho: There is not any statistically significant effect of magazines on the purchasing decision of people.
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    Need help on one-way ANOVA (SPSS) for Water Quality Analysis

    3)You can plot box -plot in SPSS to find the outliers.
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    In statistical hypothesis testing, a type I error is the rejection of a true null hypothesis (also known as a "false positive" finding),---wikipedia I am confused, why you used( assuming )
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    Basic Stats - Emoji Assessment

    @ondansetron Can we can measure the heart beat of the students before and after the therapy? The more the stress increases,The more the heartbeat increases and vice versa
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    Basic Stats - Emoji Assessment

    Then instead of finding the sum of LMS,NMS AND HMS you can change it to scale 0-10 where 0-3-->LMS 3-6-->NMS 6-10-->HMS OR 100 SCALE SO ON then run a paired t-test before and after the dog therapy hope it will work.
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    Hi, In hypothesis testing we have the probability of type-1 error (alpha) and this area is called rejection region while the complementary area is called acceptance region. when the value of the test statistics falls in the rejection region we reject the null hypothesis But according to the...
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    Guys, i have a population ,and now iwant to draw many samples in one go rather going to complex samples and generating only one sample is there any trick to get 100 samples from the population in one go in spss?
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    Basic Stats - Emoji Assessment

    Well, 1st you should do paired t-test in excel to show that dog therapy is good to reduce stress 2nd plot separate graphs for pre lms ,nms,hms and post lms,hms,nms and compare them. hoping you are doing well !
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    How to calculate the tail ends of the standard normal distribution?

    let alpha=9.2% then c.i. = 100(1-alpha)% sice its two tailed convert the data in s.n.v use normdist(alpha/2,0,1) in excel
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    Can someone answer this?

    Very simple problem ATQ Every candidate has to answer any 5 questions If 500 canditates answer any 5 questions then total no of questions answered 2500 if we sum the row (number of candidate attempting the questions we get 2500 from this we can say that every candidate has answered the...
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    Confidence levels

    You have c.i ,s.d. and sample size since, sample size is 100 we will use large sample theory let us suppose that the statistics is mean then lower limit =mean - z(alpha)*s.e where confidence level = 100(1-alpha)% you just have to select alpha to get the corressponding confidence level you...
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    So why can't we take any area = 0.05 as rejection region under the curve
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    First of all thank you so much for giving me the answer, As far as I understand from your answer we select 0.05 area for type 1 error,if test statistic get any extreme value i.e falls in rejection region ,we assume that its due to type 1 error and retain Ho