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    Different main effect in MANOVA and two-way MANOVA? Which one do I use?

    I did a MANOVA in SPSS and there is a significant main effect of the IV on only one of my two DVs. Then I did a two way ANOVA to include one more IV, but otherwise use the same variables I've used in the MANOVA (just entered one additional variable). However, suddenly the same IV that had a sig...
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    Should I use a MANOVA and then a two-way MANOVA or just the two-way MANOVA?

    My research questions: - Is there an effect of the independent variable on the two dependent variables? - Is this effect of the independent variable on the two dependent variables stronger for females as opposed to males? I did a MANOVA for question 1 and it's significant. I did a two-way...
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    One IV, two DVs, across male/female. What could I use?

    I know I've been posting a lot here lately, this is my last one: I have one independent variable (categorical) and want to determine its effect on two separate dependent variables. I know I could use MANOVA for this. But what do I use if I want to determine the effect of an independent variable...
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    Can I test a continous moderator variable with moderational multiple regression?

    And can I test (separately from question 1 above) a categorical moderator variable (with 3 groups) with moderational multiple regression?
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    How to decide on a cut-off score (groups) if the scale doesn't have one?

    For my study, I'm using a scale (rating scale from 1-7) that doesn't have a predetermined cut-off score. However, in order to do the stats, I need to make 2 groups/categories with "high score" and "low score". How do I determine the point at which a participant is considered high vs. low...
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    What statistical test do I need to use for a moderator variable?

    For my study, I'm trying to test whether a variable acts as a moderator between the relationship of two other variables. I read that I should use moderational multiple regression with an interaction effect. However, I heard you can only use it if the moderator variable has 2 categories/ is...