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    1IV with three levels and multiple DV's - Appropriate analysis?

    Hi Karabiner Thanks for the reply. Would need to look at the differences between the three groups as it may provide insight into the progression of the disorder. Yes I suppose a mediator model could be used in the study and there will be some confounding variables included like current...
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    1IV with three levels and multiple DV's - Appropriate analysis?

    Hi all I am a bit confused about the statistical analysis I should perform on my data (when I have it). I have been advised to do a multi-level modelling but I can't seem to get everything to fit and make sense. Alternatively, I have thought about doing a multiple regression. The measures are...
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    Multi-level modelling

    Can anyone recommend some reading for this type of analysis - something basic if possible :eek: Thank you in advance.
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    Multivariate Analysis of Variance

    Hi Karabiner - Thank you for getting back to me. The experiment is using clinical samples. The three groups will be control, at-risk and clinical. The idea would be to examine the significant differences between the groups. One of the measures being used has never been looked at in the...
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    Multivariate Analysis of Variance

    Hi all I am currently preparing my research for ethics submission but trying to establish an accurate sample size using G*Power. Apologies in advance if I do not explain this accurately and will try to simplify it as much as possible. I have three groups that will be determined based on...
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    Looking at relationships

    Hi all This might sound like a ridiculous question but I'm looking at relationships that have not been investigated before. The experiment is a repeated measures design and looking to recruit participants between 16-25. I am not sure how many participants in going to need. Can anyone help?
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    Learning statistics

    Hi all I am about to restart my education at University but I have forgotten most of what I have learned. Here to refresh my knowledge and expand it.