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    Time series analysis - different results for same cross correlation in SPSS?!

    I don't use SPSS but is it possible you have missing values and it's removing rows where you have any missing values for any of the variables
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    Make a thread. You could attach either to your post

    Make a thread. You could attach either to your post
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    Just a demand. Construct that interval. Or else.
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    WANTED: Rational Coronavirus Analysis

    Every time I accidentally stumble into this thread it feels like an entirely different site in a bad way.
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    Optimal solution for 2 set of complimantary data

    Typically to provide answers there needs to be a question
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    GLM with multiple categorical predictors

    So if you don't care about it... why do you care about it? It literally is going to represent a predicted value for some combination of your factors. If you don't have anything specific that you want it to represent in mind why does this particular representation bother you?
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    GLM with multiple categorical predictors

    What do you want the intercept to represent
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    auto.arima defaults seem to conflict

    I mean yes that's what happens. But if you don't understand why I suggest you reread the documentation for the parameters. It literally doesn't make sense to say there is seasonal differencing if m==1.
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    auto.arima defaults seem to conflict

    Seems pretty direct to me. If you don't specify anything directly then season will default to true and m will default to 1 so seasonal will actually be false. So if you don't touch anything m will be 1 and seasonal will be false.
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    can you solve this problem? probability question, please help

    If that's your attitude you gotta pay. Also keep in mind that is the probability *if* you specified a certain number that you didn't want to show up at all. It's a slightly different calculation if all you want is the probability that after 19 draws there exists at least one number that wasn't...
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    Probability of Drawing a Particular Card from Seven Cards (without replacement)

    No. Assuming nobody is cheating while shuffling the proportions should all be expected to be near 1/7
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    Messaging apps

    It's also owned by Facebook so that's a no go for me.
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    Messaging apps

    I'm highly considering deleting my Facebook profile for good. I don't use Facebook proper anymore but still rely on it for messaging certain people. I'm trying to figure out a decent modern replacement for Facebook messenger. I think Telegram is at the top of my list so far but would love to...
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    HIRING: FDA Statistician

    Any data on the pay range?