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    Reorder plot variables

    Hi guys, Having a little difficulty reordering my X-Axis for a logistic mixed effects regression. I know how to do it with the regular plot() command, but with the model I am using, that doesn't work. Here is minimal code which should be sufficient to get the jist of what I'm doing. Voice =...
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    Logit Mixed effects plot / binomial plot

    Solved - my mistake.
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    Lmer Output/: variable re-levelling

    Morning/Evening all I'm having a bit of a time getting the LME4 package to list ALL of my IVs, rather than all-1. By way of example, here is my model/output (testing the effect of a voice on participant answers to yes/no questions) model = lmer(supportive ~ Voice + question +(1|participant)...
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    DF and fishers vs. pearson's

    Hallo everyone I'm having a mental block today, and having trouble getting my df value. So, here's a summary of my data to help: 32 participants face-to-face 18 participants online 40 questions; binomial correct/incorrect answers I'm comparing the accuracy rates of the face-to-face...