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    Interaction term

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask a question about interaction terms in a regression equation. Putting two terms into an interaction term in a regression analysis means that; each variable influences the outcome variable together. That means one of them has an impact on the outcome...
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    B value in regression analysis

    Hi, Thank you very much for your comment. I have now tried to calculate the VIFs for my each predictor variable. The max comes as 18.86 for the 'Lane' which is categorical variable and explains whether the measurement is taken from northbound or southbound of the road section. The second...
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    B value in regression analysis

    Hi all, Please bear with me here. I am new and I also am only learning about statistics & regression analysis. One question about the interpretations of regression coefficient in multiple regression models. I have one variable which comes statistically significant. However it is wrong way...