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    Sample size calculation when comparing two coefficients of variation

    im pretty sure the OP just wanted to know what button to push on G*Power. Poor bugger....
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    Factorial Mixed ANOVA or Factorial independent ANOVA

    homework is a real problem....
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    Probability of combination given a string with frequencies

    since every choice of colorings produces a unique string, ie there is no symmetry involved, the number of unique colorings sounds like it will work out to product of choose(# X's, .9 * # X's).... or something or whatever.
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    What kind of statistical analysis can we do with Statistical Averages (Mean, Median, Standard deviation)

    Too many questions, not enough answers. Good enough. Next question.
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    set of variances

    alot of analysis dies the slow death of insufficient or unreliable data...
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    HELP deciding which ANOVA to use

    i think probably the repeated measures model is better. you maybe could also run two t-tests, one at each time point. What is the 'way' in your one-way ANOVA, seems not so clear to me.
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    Experiment degsin

    I think you are right, it says 6 hospitals x 4 treatments = 24 people. To me it seems like the question already tells you the most important aspect of the experiment, that the 4 treatments are all given at each of the 4 hospitals, which would be a complete block as you mentioned above. I guess...
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    independent sample t test

    the lines look suspiciously parallel...good thinking though always good to see some box plots.
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    Is multidimensional ROC Curve Analysis a thing?

    For multiple endpoints, if they aren't ordinal, you end up with 3 dimensions to the ROC rather than 2 (sens and spec) this is an example
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    Leniency of assessors

    you need the ratings per consultant I would think.
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    Is multidimensional ROC Curve Analysis a thing?

    for many predictors most logit regression packages compute the ROC curve based on the propensity scores, ie the predicted probablity of event. There are certain theories which say this is the best way as i recall. For multiple outcomes, this would lead to more than 2 states, ie a tri-state...
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    Help interpret an event study methodology used in a research paper

    try drawing a mind map, it could help determine if boxplots are relevant.