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    interpreting and commenting on Repeated-Measures ANOVA results

    Hello, everybody, you've always been really helpful, so I've got a question to you, again :) I am dealing with an assignment, where we have to run repeated-measures ANOVA the assignment is as follows (I am an English Teacher, so the research is in Eng.Teach,field): A researcher wants to...
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    can't detect outliers

    Hello, everyone, I am doing an assignment where i need to check the data on the statistical assumptions, I need to comment on the presence of outliers using histograms. in the picture below, the ones circled red - are they all outliers, or only the top one?...:confused: thanks!
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    difficulties with finding a suitable research question(s)

    Hello, everyone, :wave: I have an ANOVA-analysis task, and I need to come up with the most suitable research questions for it. the task is as follows: The researcher wants to find out what effect type of school, age of first exposure to English and Home Language Background (Monolingual...
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    Can't run Independent-Samples T-test

    Hello, everyone, I need a piece of your help on a popular question of Statistical Test Choosing :confused: I have an Experimental Group and a Control Group I have pre-test scores for both groups the experimental group receives a treatment then I have Post-tests scores for both groups...
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    setting parameters in G*power for correlation tests

    Hello, everyone :) Need your help on how to set parameters in G*power... I am doing two very simple tests: one on pearson correlation between midterm scores and quiz another one on partial correlation between the same scores with motivation score as controlling variable. I need to run a...