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    Rare event probability

    Thank you for the replies. Fisher's exact test I will have a look at, is new to me, thanks for the hint. The accepted margin of error is not fixed. Ideally I want to learn about the approach and than be able to determine for example "for a certain confidence interval (lets say 90%) I need to...
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    Rare event probability

    Hello, I am stuck with a probability problem regarding rare events: lets say I want to automatically detect cars passing by with a camera. I suppose that works pretty well already, meaning that the event of an error is rare (lets say 1/100). I want to find out how much I have to drive around...
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    How many times do we have to flip a coin to have it being as close to its true mean of 50%?

    can you elaborate where the 1/sqrt(n) rule comes from? Thank you