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    Correlation interpretation: when to use "is related"?

    If the selling of ice cream was found correlated (0.4-0.6) to the temperature, can we conclude that ice cream selling "is related" to the temperature? Or we can just say that there is a relationship? By using is related, do you imply cause and effect relationship? Can we also say that other...
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    Low or high correlation?

    What does it mean when Pearson correlation gives a value of 0.7-0.8, while spearman correlation gives a value from 0.3-0.4? Pearson reports high correlation while Spearman report weak. Should I conclude that the correlation is weak using spearman since the data seems skewed?
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    How to test using Spearman correlation in R?

    Given such data X-Y 2-6 4-9 6- 3 8- 12 10- 15 When using pearson correlation it will be straight forward, however, when using spearman, should we arrange the data before running the test? Something like X- Order X ** Y - Order Y 2-1 ** 6 4-2 ** 9 6- 3 ** 3 8- 4 ** 12 10- 5...