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    Mathematical Stats Book recommedations for noncentral distributions

    Hi! i am looking for mathematical stats book recommendations for noncentral distributions. I am currently using "Hand-book on STATISTICAL DISTRIBUTIONS for experimentalists" and "Handbook of Statistical Distributions with Applications" but both the free-ebooks do not provide proofs.
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    noncentral t distribution

    Please help me prove that the pdf of a noncentral t distribution is a valid pdf. That is, to prove that the integral of the pdf of noncentral t distribution from negative infinity to infinity is 1. The attached document contains my attempt.
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    Introduction to Estimation(need help with terms)

    Which of the following definitions is incorrect? Estimation It is a process by which sample data is used to estimate or approximate the value of an unknown population parameter. The estimate can be expressed as a single value, known as a point estimate, or a range of values, known as an...
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    Introduction to simulation with sas

    Does anyone know any tutorial links for introduction to simulation with sas?
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    Functions and inverse images

    Does anyone know any links to property proofs on functions and inverse images?
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    Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient

    Since Spearman’s rho is a measure of general dependence between two variables, does this mean a correlation of zero means zero relationship between variables?
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    The Runs Test

    Why do we say that a runs test is used to test whether it is reasonable to conclude that data occur randomly, not whether the data are collected randomly?
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    Nonparametric statistics v.s Parametric statistics

    Why nonparametric statistics is less preferred compared to parametric statistics even if it requires fewer assumptions?
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    Contingency tables

    Why do we say expected cell counts would occur by chance if the variables are independent over the long run?
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    Residuals v.s errors

    What is the difference between a residual and an error? Is it wrong to say an error is the difference between the data points and a fitted line while a residual is the difference between data points and the sample mean.Please help!!
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    Assumptions that underlie a regresion model

    Are there any statistical tests that i can use to evaluate whether the assumptions for the regression model are being met? The assumptions i want to test are: 1. The model adequately describes the behaviour of the data. 2. The random error term is an independently and normally...