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    Combining 2 different datasets

    Hi everybody, I am quite a beginner in the statistics world, but I am struggling with some data I have 2 datasets: - one with ID's (each subject has a different ID), groups (there are several subjects in one group) and some characteristics of these individuals (e.g. weight, growth, etc.) - one...
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    z score standardisation using categorical variable

    Hi! Yes I want to standardize continuous variables based on a certain categorical variable. And yes, I am using Python.
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    z score standardisation using categorical variable

    Hi, I want to perform a z-score standardisation to be able to compare slaughterdata of several lines (in easy terms: different breeds) of pigs. I found the following formula to calculate the z-score standardisation: scipy.stats.zscore(a, axis=0, ddof=0, nan_policy=’propagate’) However, I...
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    correction for variables in a correlation

    Hi everybody, I am new here. I have a question I am unable to solve myself, but it seems so easy. I have a dataset with slaughterdata from pigs. This dataset contains, amongst others, slaughterage (in days), slaugtherweight (in kg), backfat (in cm) and loin depth (= muscle thickeness, in cm)...