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    Propensity Score

    Hello @statlimp and @hlsmith, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Here is the table I made for my variables: Some of the outcomes have few observations. For example, UTI is present in only 40 women. I hope this clarifies my question more. Thanks
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    Propensity Score

    Hello there, I am conducting a study on the relationship between age and pregnancy complications/ birth outcomes. I have a small sample size ( 300 participants) and I am using multiple logistic regression to account for confounders. My advisor (senior statistician) recommended that I use...
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    Cross sectional

    Hello, I am running an analysis on secondary data that I was able to get from a health clinic on all women who gave birth in the clinic in the last two years. The dataset contains 3,600 women and includes only 5 variables (age, residence status (rural/urban), birth outcomes (stillbirth, live...
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    SAS logistic regression

    Hello everyone, I am using SAS studio to analyze data to predict risk factors for postpartum depression. I tried running logestic regression for each potential risk factor but I encountered some issues that I need help with solving: 1) For one of the risk factors (sex discomfort) I was able...
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    Observations for logistic regression

    Hello, I am a analysing data for a study that looks at risk factors for postpartum depression in a special population. I am using SAS studio for the analysis. I am running logestic regression for each variable (risk factor) and all risk factors are binary variables. Some of the risk factor...