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    Question about conducting multiple regression on SPSS.

    Hi! Friends, does anyone know how does the author proved perceived role clarity, intrinsic motivation, job involvement, and IWB were related with each other? In his results, he made model 1 to model 6 to prove that ( the attached photo) with multiple regression analysis on SPSS. He mentioned...
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    Difference between the result of linear regression analysis and that of Hayes's method

    Hi ! Everyone, may I ask the difference between the result from the linear regression analysis and Hayes’s method (mediation relationship). As you can see, the first photo is the result from linear regression analysis in SPSS (Photo 1). The relationship between use and proximal is significant...
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    Baron and Kenny 's mediation method

    Hi! Everyone ! I heard that we can examine one mediator mediation effect through Baron and Kenny approach; and the hypothesis should be set like this on below: H1: x predicts m H2: m predicts y H3x predict y however, I am wondering if it possible for me to test a mediation effects with two...
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    Question about one-factor solution with EPA

    I have a question about discriminant validity. If I am not mistaken, discriminant validity is calculated through the average variance extracted analysis between different factors. but if I do EPA asking for single (one) factor solution, there will only be one factor, right? so how can I know...
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    When to use convergent validity and discriminant validity?

    If I knows that my scale is one dimension, but I want to reduce the item in a scale, I need to perform CFA for construct validity, right? but how about cconvergent validity and discriminant validity?
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    Does anyone know if I should check convergent validity and discriminant validity for a one-factor solution EPA ?

    As people know that the discriminant validity is calculated by using square-root value of AVE to compare with inter-construct correlation values. If I only have one construct in a variable, there is no any subdimension in a construct, how can I calculate the inter-construct correlation with...
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    I am wondering if composite reliability is designed for checking reliability or validity ?

    Hi! friends, I get confused with the use of composite reliability. To me, I think composite reliability is used for checking reliability, right ? because it is literally called reliability, and I also found some study supporting this justification. However, I also found some studies which...
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    Do I have to conduct EFA with already established scales?

    I am doing a study involving a predictor including three already-established scales for that predictor, and I am going to perform multiple linear regression after that. I am wondering if I have to conduct (Exploratory Factor Analysis)EFA with already established scales before I add the items...
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    Reliability and Validity for multiple linear regression analysis !

    Hi! Everyone!, I am ready to do a multiple linear regression study. I am wondering how many test I need to do for achieving reliability and validity before performing multiple linear regression analysis. I am reading some literature, it seems that many tests need to be done before I actually...
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    How to combine two scale (6 items likert scale and 7 items likert scale) into one index?

    Thanks, you are absolutely right ! Mr. Karabiner, you are the best!!
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    How to combine two scale (6 items likert scale and 7 items likert scale) into one index?

    Thanks ! yep, I will what I can do then. I think changing 6-point-scale value into 7 point is better than changing 7-point-scale into 6 , right ? Also, I want to wish you a great new year ahead, wish you good health and good luck !!
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    How to combine two scale (6 items likert scale and 7 items likert scale) into one index?

    Oh, just an example, what is the best way to do in this situation? should I increase the items of group value scale from 6 to 7 to make an index, or should I decrease the items of group identification scale from 7 to 6?
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    How to combine two scale (6 items likert scale and 7 items likert scale) into one index?

    Hi, Everyone ! as I mentioned in the topic, may I know how can I actually combine a 6-items-likert scale and a 7-items likert scale) into one index? As you may see in the picture below. I am working on research involving a variable of social identity. And I have found that two scales, group...
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    Correlation vs regression analysis?

    Thanks for your prompt reply, but I have heard that people need to conduct correlation analysis first in structural equation modeling analysis(as you can see in the attachment below), is that true? and how about regression analysis , do I also have to perform correlation before performing...
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    Correlation vs regression analysis?

    Hi!. All, I am a bit confused about the difference between correlation and regression analysis. My friends has been telling me that correlation analysis is designed for understanding if relationships exist between variables, which can be either positive or negative. However, doesn't it look like...