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    Need some feedback on my online app

    I made my site Stats Solver using bootcamp. It’s pretty similar to yours. If you ever want to exchange notes shoot me an email.
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    Need some feedback on my online app

    Hi. I would suggest optimizing for mobile. The menu on the left side is cut off on my phone.
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    It was built with HTML and JavaScript
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    I have taught statistics for the last several years, mainly to undergraduate business and economics students. During the pandemic lockdown, I built Stats Solver which gives students free step-by-step solutions to many statistics problems. Looking forward to answering any statistics questions...
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    probability density

    The PDF is a formula. So if you can estimate the parameters of that formula from the data you will have the PDF.
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    Discrete normal distributions

    I came up with 7 bins with width of 1 marble each. The distribution of the marbles in the 7 bins is 2, 15, 62, 98, 62, 15, 2. How I got these numbers is I found the probabilities P(-3.5<z<-2.5), P(-2.5<z<-1.5),…,P(2.5<z<3.5) using the Standard Normal Distribution Calculator. Then I multiplied...