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    Graph of multiple lineal regression

    Are you referring to Multiple Linear regression? If yes, then you must have more than one independent variables.
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    Long-horizon predictive regression

    Do you have independent variable values for the forecasting horizon? If yes, you can use multiple regression.
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    Gambling probability problem

    What have you done on this problem? If it looks difficult, start with when c=0.
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    polynomial regression and interaction

    I am not very clear about f and K. The nonlinearity in the model usually determined by the graphs and residual analysis.
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    Android app for talkstats

    Quark, Are we having any mobile application for this forum? I have recently seen a mobile app named tapatalk to access few forums. I think it is a good idea to have mobile application for our forum. I think it can be enabled by adding a plugin (eg...
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    [PoSt] Philsophy of Statistics

    Probably I would be the wrong person to start a discussion like philosophy of statistics. Understanding models, programming, and bit of problem solving were my main interest to learn statistics. I never cared about details of the inference or philosophy aspect. I realized that it would be time...
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    What is bad(as of now) about R? or What all items R need revision.

    I know that R is kind of religion for many* of us. I too do marketing job for R in my institute. Few months back I was giving tutorial on R time series and observed few issues with it. Then I dig further on those issues and found those are were known issues. Strange part is, those are in the...
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    installation problem RQDA package

    Hi All, Any of you familiar with RQDA package?. One of my friend working in qualitative research need this package. I tried to install this and I was not able to install one of the dependency ( "gWidgetsRGtk2"). I tried to install this package and got the following error * installing *source*...
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    Hi All, I would like know how many of you are working in Bayesian inference. I considered bayesian is an opportunistic philosophy till few months ago. But now I am interested bayesian and doing some stuff using MCMC magic. I found there a lot of technical problem to discuss in Bayesian...