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    Panel data regression in Stata

    Do both. Usually, fixed effect regressions are seen in the economic papers. The Hausman test will help you identify the model (fe or re). The justification of the control variables comes from the context and the research literature.
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    A message to Quark

    @quark The forum has looked the same for the last 5-6 years, and not much changes with the scale of activities. Long back, we discussed Ayn Rand's 'Atlas shrugged'. It is time to ask, "Who is John Galt?" (Who is Quark?) I would like to see new development in this forum. TSforum was very close...
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    Rounding numbers of big data

    Changing the unit (multiplying by 1000 or 10000) and rounding the value may be appropriate here. If the maximum value is a small number (<0.1), you can multiply with the appropriate 10^x and round the number.
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    Time Series Problem

    Cross correlation of nonstationary series is tricky. You will find a high correlation at lag zero itself. What is your objective? Is it prediction? or to understand the causal relationship? Give a short description of the series if possible. It looks like at time 0, there is a...
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    Statistic Task!

    Good attempt. You need to use the t (critical values) instead of Z.
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    Time Series Problem

    The characteristic of the time series variable is important. That will tell that the justification of the deterministic component, like trend seasonality and regime changes. If you don't have any information about the data, the graph suggests nonstationarity ( integrated mostly d=1). Also...
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    What package to install

    You don't need fpp2 package to run ARIMA. fpp2 mainly contains the datasets (discussed in this book, ARIMA can be done with base packages. forecast package will be a help to automate the time series model.
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    Graph of multiple lineal regression

    Are you referring to Multiple Linear regression? If yes, then you must have more than one independent variables.
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    Long-horizon predictive regression

    Do you have independent variable values for the forecasting horizon? If yes, you can use multiple regression.
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    Gambling probability problem

    What have you done on this problem? If it looks difficult, start with when c=0.
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    polynomial regression and interaction

    I am not very clear about f and K. The nonlinearity in the model usually determined by the graphs and residual analysis.
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    Android app for talkstats

    Quark, Are we having any mobile application for this forum? I have recently seen a mobile app named tapatalk to access few forums. I think it is a good idea to have mobile application for our forum. I think it can be enabled by adding a plugin (eg...
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    [PoSt] Philsophy of Statistics

    Probably I would be the wrong person to start a discussion like philosophy of statistics. Understanding models, programming, and bit of problem solving were my main interest to learn statistics. I never cared about details of the inference or philosophy aspect. I realized that it would be time...
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    What is bad(as of now) about R? or What all items R need revision.

    I know that R is kind of religion for many* of us. I too do marketing job for R in my institute. Few months back I was giving tutorial on R time series and observed few issues with it. Then I dig further on those issues and found those are were known issues. Strange part is, those are in the...