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    TS-pooled or TS-unpooled?

    Should I used the TS-pooled or TS-unpooled to calculate the below question; Two competing coffee shops wanted to know how satisfied their customers were with their drink choices (on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is very unsatisfied and 7 is very satisfied). They’re assuming that there is some...
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    Need help reading the code please to calculate the least squares regression

    Hello I am new to statistics and I am not familiar with the R lab. I was trying to solve to calculate the least squares regression and I am not able to understand the code below. Can you help me please Construct the least squares regression line based in the following output: Call: lm(formula...
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    Conditional probability- need to know how to identify the P(A and B) please

    Use the following information to determine your answers: A psychology experiment on memory was conducted which required participants to recall anywhere from 1 to 10 pieces of information. Based on many results, the (partial) probability distribution below was determined for the discrete random...