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    Simple correlation question

    If i have two independent (A and B) variables and one dependent (C) can i compare intensity of corellation? Both are significant, but first corellation is 0.677 (between A and C) and second (between B and C) is 0.198. Can i say that first is higher intensity, but both are significanf?
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    Mediation conditions

    Can i do mediation analyses if my theoretical mediator in hierarchical regression analysis explains bigger procent of variance then a independent varible? In first model of hierarchical reggresion i used independent variable and in second one i use independent plus mediator and independent...
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    Mediation - indirect effect, total effect and direct effect are negative

    Please, can someone help me. I did mediation analyses in Spss and Process program. I took simple mediation, model 4. I got my results. Total effect x on y is -.412 and it is statistically significant. Direct effect x on y is -.278 and it is also stat significant and indirect effect is -.134 (CI...