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    Calculating Conditional Probability of Survival

    I’m looking to analyse a Survival data event relating to lottery draw data. The event being is the time taken for one of the six winning numbers to be drawn again. A table of the data is shown as attached I’d be looking to say, find the conditional probability of this event happening in the next...
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    Regression with Time Series data

    I have count data, some of which forms an exponential decay type distribution and other data sets which are log normal. They are time series and I’m looking to create autoregressive models using first or second order lags. I have a couple of questions which are follows Is normalising the...
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    Regression for Exponential Distribution

    Hi, I have a set of values which are a time series and follow a decreasing exponential distribution. I would like to understand what the best method might be to predict the next value in the series. Do the options include 1. Transforming the variable to try and get normality. 2. Creating an...