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    Descriptive Statistic to Find Population Values

    Hello forums, What I am trying to do: I want to find the maximum number of rentable rooms that could exist if someone wanted to either build am addition or construct a building in a specific city zoning district--in this case it would be up to 4 floors per parcel (or property). I have a...
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    Multiple Regression and Reading Outputs with Dummy Variables?

    Hello! I have another thread on here too but I hope this is significantly different to warrant another posting. So, I am using Excel and its data analysis pack. I have categorical data only and I want to explore the statistical differences in my data but I am having some trouble interpreting my...
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    Linear Regression Questions

    Hello everyone, I am using Exel's data analysis regression pack for the following and I thought I might reach out to the community for some input and help. I gathered information from 38 people -- all qualitative data -- and I broke all of their responses into a dummy variable table. I am...