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    Permutation correlation with one non-normal variable

    Hi, I am trying to assess the relationship between a relatively normally distributed variable (brain volume) and a strongly right-skewed behavioral measures, which cannot be transformed to normality. I assume a linear relationship between the two variables. My plan is to calculate the...
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    Subscale CFA

    Hi, An existing questionnaire I am using (23 items, supposedly 2 subscales, N = 700) has shown poor fit to the 2-factor model as specified by its designers (confirmatory factor analysis yielded a CFI and TLI both <.70). Subsequently, I performed a CFA on the items of the subscale I am most...
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    [R - Lavaan] Which estimator for confirmatory factor analysis?

    Hi, Currently I am using Rstudio with the Lavaan package in order to perform a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) on a dataset (N = ~ 700, 23 observed variables, 2 factors). The problem, however, is that the data are not even close to being multivariate normal, with a Mardia's kurtosis of 378...