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    Mean center binary categorical variables for logistic regression?

    I am wondering if mean-centering is possible, makes sense and needs to be or should not be done for a logistic regression with interaction term and only binary categorical variables. They all have values of 0 or 1. Is it technically possible to mean center (because there is no mean for...
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    Logistic Regression: Evaluate model & Check for Multicollinearity

    Hello, I have conducted a logistic regression with a binary categorical outcome and a binary categorical moderator + binary categorical independent variable (or more specific: two independent variables and in the logistic regression entered the interaction factor). How do I now check how good...
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    Using PROCESS macro vs. logistic regression

    Hi all, I am trying to investigate a moderation effect of a binary categorical moderator variable on the effect of another independent variable (categorical, binary) on a categorical binary outcome variable. With binary categorical I mean that the variables can have basically two values (0 and...