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    5 variables, likert scale, which correlation test?

    Hello, once again I am asking for help. I have 80 participants who answered the following: health belief 1 (likert 4-scale, 1 item) health belief 2 ((likert 4-scale, 1 item) health belief 3 ((likert 4-scale, 1 item) health belief4 ((likert 4-scale, 1 item) intention to go to the doctor (likert...
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    Two different samples of students, different intervention, pre and post

    Hello again. I wanted to test if a course is effective by comparing precourse scores and post course scores. They told me I have to use a control group. This gives me less time and will make samples of students smaller. Can someone please point me to the right direction? When you compare medians...
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    Same sample, comparison of knowledge before course and after

    Hello everyone. I am clueless and I need a push to the Right direction. i want to compare the test scores of the same sample of students before and after taking a course. Basically I want to test if the course has increased their knowledge. How can I do that? Can someone please direct me to...