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    Regression Analysis with Time Series Data

    Hey guys, I have some monthly time series data and I'm trying to perform regression analysis on it. I'm just wondering, if I have a few insignificant months does it make sense to remove their parameters from the model? It marginally increases my adjusted R-squared, but I'm just wondering if...
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    Finding a PDF using the CDF technique

    Hey guys, I'm stuck on a question in my homework assignment and I was wondering if you could push me in the right direction? So here's the question: X and Y are continuous random variables with joint pdf f(x,y)= 4xy (0<x<1, 0<y<1, and otherwise 0). Find the pdf of T=X+Y using the CDF...
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    Help with the Continuous Distribution Function (CDF)?

    Hey, new to these forums, I was wondering if you guy could help me with a question about the CDF I have. Basically I'm wondering if this CDF: G(t)= {0 , t<0 t^2 , 0<=t<1 t , 1<=t<2 1 , t>=2 } The same as this one: G(t)= {0 , t<0 t^2+t , 0<=t<2 1 , t>=2 } ? Thanks...