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    Calculating a weighted mean/SD of x number of means/SDs?

    I'm doing some data analysis of patients undergoing cardiac ablation procedures. We use our equipment to collect electrical data from inside patients' hearts in quite high resolution. I'm struggling to see if the following can be done: I have 10 patients. We have some proprietary software that...
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    Basic question: How to analyse baseline characteristics for study (GraphPad Prism)

    Hi I do apologise for the basic question here, but I am very new to this. I'm trying to report my baseline characteristics for a clinical pilot study we performed. I have three experimental groups and would like to report the following table as you would find in a clinical trial paper, but...
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    Test for independent associations between patient characteristics and events

    Hi, Recent new member here. Have already learned some really useful things from this forum by searching through old threads, so I'm glad I stumbled across this site! I have a question of my own that I was hoping to get some help with. We've run a clinical study. Prospective observational study...