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    Seeking Advise on University

    Hi, I am seriously thinking to Pursue Masters in Biostatistics. Can any one suggest universities with reasonable fees in either Europe or Australia for an international student. I have tried Google many times but majority of universities I found are offering it via distance education. But I...
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    Need quick reply

    If I have three categories (yes, no and don't know) for a single variable (say Effective_policies_in_hospital) with 50% 25% and 25% respectively... I am only interested to test whether this 50% is significant... Can I run prtest from stata by coding these three categories 1 0 0 and testing it...
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    Need urget help for one sample z test of proportions

    Hi All, I need to confirm whether I am doing it correctly. Survey question is: Have you ever witnessed violent episodes/incidents in the last week? 1. NO 2. Yes. 58% witnessed/experienced violent incidents and others 38% didn't with 4% missing responses. I just need to test...