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    Wilcoxon rank-sum test report results when Mdns are the same

    I understand that Medians should be reported when writing results of Wilcoxon rank-sum test. For example: "For alcohol users depression levels were significantly lower on Wednesday (Mdn = 7.50) than on Sunday (Mdn = 16.0), p = .012, r = −.45." But suppose that p=.012 but Mdn=7.50 on Wednesday...
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    Unpaired t-test is ok in this case?

    Good morning, I have two groups with the same number of participants (50 participants each group). Each group is invited to talk about subjects of conversation, each group selects 5 subjects, the subjects are different for both groups and each subject has a priority for each group, so group A...
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    Meta analysis with revman calculate Mean with SD and N with Revman Calculator

    I'm trying to calculate a forest plot of the attached study, so I have the Difference in means, the Standard Error, Variance, Lower an Upper CI limits, z-value, p-value and number of participants. I'm trying to calculate the SMD forest plot as shown in the other attached picture: I need the...