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  1. hlsmith

    immediate need for help, please!

    I would follow-up with, what is your sample size and number of predictors? Also, what does the distribution of the DV look like given it is based on an ordinal scale of integers?
  2. hlsmith

    Compare non parametric distributions

    Quantile regression - but per @Miner comment, what is the purpose. I will note that if you compare all of these there will be about 1500 tests and you should expect around 75 to be significance by change given 0.05 alpha and that excludes if you are looking across distributions for differences...
  3. hlsmith

    Regression with different populations

    Well if I was eligible, but didn't redeem it or initiate a service - I am obviously not like those that did. Perhaps I didn't actually need it or that I was so poor off that I never had the resources to follow-up getting it. So the groups may not be exchangeable. So if you knew additional...
  4. hlsmith

    Can you compare two different F-ratios from two different one way ANOVA tests?

    TL:DR - are the models nested?
  5. hlsmith

    Testing linearity assumption in a multiple regression model

    @Buckeye he mentions 'controlling' for categorical variables in this, but not using them. I have another resource I will post when I come across it again!
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    HELP. "Comment on the appearance of the plot"

    Well if we don't have all the inquiry details, we can't yet says any of this content is off-topic.
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    Testing linearity assumption in a multiple regression model

    Relevant resource for GAMs.
  8. hlsmith

    Help with sample size

    One comment. have you already collected your data? Post hoc power calculations are considered a fax paus and frowned upon, since you likely already found a potential difference. Thus there is a form of selection bias going on. Since if the two proportions were null, you wouldn't move forward!
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    Welcome to the Forum @bhavneesh. I love biostatistics. We look forward to your questions and contributions.
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    HELP. "Comment on the appearance of the plot"

    My one question is, what kind of food? Non-perishable? I would capitalized "Collection" as well.
  11. hlsmith

    HELP. "Comment on the appearance of the plot"

    abstract art meets innumeracy. Beautiful!!!
  12. hlsmith

    HELP. "Comment on the appearance of the plot"

    Uncapitalized first letter of axes labels, which drive me mad!
  13. hlsmith

    How would you test this

    Are these like the weighing stations?
  14. hlsmith

    Probability Distribution of Cars Sold

    Can you post the exact original question in its entirety! Have you covered the Poisson distribution in class?
  15. hlsmith

    How would you test this

    Not following what this is, "reduction to damage to the road and safety violations from increasing the number of inspectors?" Law enforcement agents or people that go out and inspect bridges?
  16. hlsmith

    Censored data

    I think literature may be more robust if you call this loss-to-follow-up, which falls under selection bias. If you can get a random sample of these individuals there can be weighting or Bayesian methods to correct for it.
  17. hlsmith

    Testing mathematical relation in dataset

    You gotta tell us where these data are from to better help us figure out things or tell you if a process already exists. That and I kinda want to make sure this isn't some wonky conspiratory hoax, like numbers in the bible.
  18. hlsmith

    Model Fit in AMOS

    Yeah I was skimming Shaddish, Cook, Campbell yesterday and saw that!
  19. hlsmith

    Assessing Concurrent Validity

  20. hlsmith

    Which t test to use, is it even applicable?

    Have you done the histogram, yet? What is your dependent variable? Willingness. So it is willingness explained by age. This would result in a multinomial logistic regression, but you need to visualize it first with histograms to see what the relationship looks like. If it is bimodal, you may...