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    How to statistically compare the trend similarity of two distinct time series?

    I have two NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) time series from the same area but collected with different sensors. Since the sensors have different sensibilities to NDVI and data collection intervals I need to compare if both time series have similar trends. I tried the t-test and...
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    How to show in a simplify scientific way the post-hoc test of 4 variables involved, when 3 by 3 variables are significant?

    In a multi-factorial experiment involving 4 variables (species(2x), temperature(2x), nutrients(2x) and light(3x)), 3 by 3 variables, for example, "species", "temperature" and "nutrients" are significant instead of the expected significance of the 4 variables together. I end up with 12 post-hoc...