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    Interpreting epsilon squared effect size values

    I've calculated the Kruskal-Willis test to find differences in water accessibility within archaeological groups and have statistically significant results. How do I interpret the epsilon squared values? I understand the range is 0-1, 0 being no difference and 1 being totally different. How...
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    one numerical and three categorical variables - which test?

    I am looking at the relation between the distance from archaeological sites to their nearest water source. I have three types of water sources (the categorical data) and a list of many sites, each with a numerical distance value to the closest water sources. I want to know if there's a...
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    Which test should I use?

    Hello all, I am a novice in statistics so I hope I explain my question so that you understand, here goes. I have a dataset of archaeological sites that are distributed over a large area. I divided this area into regions according to vegetation characteristics. I've summarized the sites'...