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    ANCOVA coding of categorical covariates

    Hello all, I am running an ANCOVA in R (Anova function) to assess the results of a randomized experimental study. I have a 2x2 full factorial model that will control for three continuous and two categorical covariates (ethnicity and gender). The gender covariate is unbalanced with a breakdown...
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    Searching for individual numbers within a multi-digit response

    I have a numeric variable that contains all combinations of 1 through 6 (e.g. 12, 124, 34, 6, 56, etc). I want to create a new dichotomous variable based on whether a certain number is within these combinations of numbers. For example, if I have: 12 134 45 16 I want to be able to create a new...
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    Problem with AMOS View Text

    For, some reason, when I try to view text output in AMOS, I am getting an error I have never received before that states: "system.Runtime.InteropServices.COMExceotion(0x800A0153):Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID" and then continues. Anyone know why I might suddenly be...