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  1. PB_1989

    Paired ratio significance test -- is Chi-squared test correct? :|

    Dear Community, Thanks very much for picking up this thread. I’m having some trouble finding the right statistical test for paired ratios (n = 10,000 patients), having not been able to do my usual thing of googling my way to certainty. I have data in the following layout: The data are...
  2. PB_1989

    Sample size too big for Wilcoxon Signed Rank test in R — what to do?

    Dear Community, We are trying to perform a Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test in R but suspect it is not working because our dataset is too large. We have around 10,000 paired samples: looking at number of hospital appointments before and after an intervention. About half of the population have a...
  3. PB_1989

    Desperate for help => Poisson regression or simple non-parametric test?

    Dear Community, Hopefully, an easy question to answer! Thanks for picking up this thread. I'm doing an evaluation on whether the use of a digital health tool (MyHealth app) changes the utilisation of healthcare services and am stumped on how to do the analysis. We have 4 groups, based on usage...