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    Anova Repeated Measures to compare three different variables?

    In a psychology research (not published yet) an Anova Repeated Measures test was used to compare three different variables measured (at the same time) on the same group of subjects. These variables are somewhat related - the diffuse loneliness, the loneliness of alienation and the dissociative...
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    How to extract/import a PDF table in a data frame?

    To extract a PDF table in R I have used the pdftools package: library(pdftools) txt <- pdf_text("Downloads/Bac-2016.pdf") The extracted table I can see as a plain text with: cat(txt) The question is how to import this plain text table in a data frame? My OS is Ubuntu 16.04 * Introducing...
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    Statistical (R) Ubuntu Live CD

    20-11-2016 - This post is outdated. Some time ago, for demo purposes, I needed an Ubuntu/Linux live CD with the free statistical software R and some grafical user interfaces for R, but I have not found such a CD, so I have built my own. On this live CD I have installed a minimal Ubuntu 10.04.2...