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    Time Series with Multiple Intervention Dates

    I'm working with a time series in which the same intervention was applied to a large number of items but at different points. Essentially, I have figures by day (and can roll them up by week, month, etc.) and I am trying to figure out what the impact of the intervention is on the figures. The...
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    Z Test of Two Proportions with Small Populations

    This seems like a fairly basic question but is one that I'm having difficulty answering. For comparing two proportions to test for significant differences, I normally use a standard two-proportion Z test. However, I am working on a project that is a special case: we are surveying a very...
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    Source for WLS Regression

    I'm working on a paper in which I run a study using a WLS regression methodology. I understand conceptually how it works and can run it easily in R. However, the statistics textbook that I have has only a very brief paragraph on the subject, and I need something with more detail to cite in my...