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    Please help me to rank/recommend the notifications as per user preferences

    I have a weekly notifications sample data like this i want to send these to many users (1000). Now the requirement is how can i rank/send these notifications as per user preferences. i have user preferences table like below image. so user 101 he set country (Singapore and japan) and order...
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    Helo me to Importing flat file

    Hi i have a flat file around 100gb. it has 200 variables like company name, that. In company name i have fields like google,ibm,tcs like that. i want to import this flat file with a filter on company name i.e i want only google records to be loaded in sas dataset rather that import...
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    Modeling step by step in SAS

    Can anyone guide me in building a credit score model in SAS from beginning to end? Like how to get started with it and how to proceed?