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    Passing from daily pds probability to annual probability

    Hello, I'm stuck on the next conversion or adjustment. I have the following problem, I'm using Weibull observational probability (order/(N+1) on my 768 storms acumulated rainfall recorded in a period of 24195 days (66.28 years). Once the direct probability is found, for example in the case of...
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    Ploting Positions from Peak Over Thresold Series

    Hello. I have a little confusing with some aspect related to the Peak Over Thresold Series and differencing the methodology of analysis from that of the Maximum Annual Series. For example, for a daily series can one does this?: 1. Order the data (several years or a non-integer number of...
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    Delta method to assess the confidence and prediction intervals

    I want to calculate the table of confidence and prediction intervals for a custom Cumulative Distribution Function or CDF, and I am following the forums and articles aid. My major cuestions that I repeat bellow are these: 1.- I had to obtain the ACOV matrix and I use the inverse of the...