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    Baye's in distributions

    I don't understand theta in the formula for the prior distribution. Isn't the prior (in this case) a normal distribution with some mju and zigma? What does theta mean?
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    log transformation

    I am trying to understand the relationship between lognormal and normal distribution. I understand that a variable transformed into a normal distribution by taking the log of it has a lognormal distribution. I thought that the pdf of this log transformed variable is , but looking at...
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    qq-plot axes

    In a qq-plot comparing some set of data to the normal distribution, the x-axis goes from -2 to +2 (theoretical quantile) and the y-axis goes from some real number to another real number (sample quantile). I have also seen that both axes can go from 0 to +1.0. How can I redo the first version to...