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    Thank you and a Bayesian understanding

    My life is full of wonderful people, but none have much of an understanding of probability theory or statistics specifically. I'm not sure how welcome this forum is to this kind of thing but I just wanted to put it out in the universe/or interverse a recent experience. Last night, I couldn't...
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    Deriving posterior probability from frequencies

    I'm working through an introductory Bayesian stats text: Doing Bayesian Analysis. Having been away from stats for a while and having never working from a Bayesian framework it's a bit challenging. Right now I'm stumbling on a problem about deriving a posterior probability from a small amount of...
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    Arithmetic proof of predicted values

    Maybe the title of this thread should be: Arithmetic proof of predicted values or Why you shouldn't let stats lie dormant in your life for 7 years! :D I'm boning up on stats and reviewing some introductory text that looked interesting. One that I'm working through is Doing Bayesian...