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    Plot and calculate value for y and x where functions intersect

    Hi everyone I have made this graph (attached). I want to calculate and plot a longitudinal line from the x-axis where the three functions meet first time at same value. How is it possible? Thanks!
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    Make multiple plots in one graph in R

    Hi I have a data-file in excel as you can se in the picture :) I have tried several codes to plot a graph with the time on x-axis and the temperature on the y-axis for mesh0-mesh5. 1.How is it possible inside R? 2. Is it fine to use excel format or should it be csv?
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    Seperate one column into two

    Hi As you can see I had a excel file that I loaded into R. The problem is that in the original file Time and Ave was seperated by comma and not by columns. When I load it in to R the commas that seperates them do not appear. How can I seperate these two columns? Now this column is for...
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    Enough to use RMSD to decide significance?

    Hi I have calculated RMSD for two different simulation to decide how large the error/standard deviation is. How can I decide if the RMSD-value is small enough to show that there is no significant difference between the simulations? thanks
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    the use of RMSD and NRMSD

    Hi everyone I have simulated the velocity in an object using fluid dynamics in transiet mode using different mesh-sizes. When the mesh-size is increased the accuracy of the simulation will increase. However, to a point there will be mesh independency, but the simulation variables (e.g. velocity...
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    Repeated measure and blocking together

    Hi I am considering using a batch for each unit of 4 runs of total 16 runs, therefor I will have a total of 4 different batches (blocks). This to account for the variations found in different batches. I want to do it as it will be expensive to use 16 different batches. I also want to repeat the...
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    Repeated measures, samples and control groupe

    Hi all Right I am struggling with understanding the concept behind some statistic when I deal with this problem; I have an experiment where I want to understand how long it take a fluid to reach a specific temperatur and how it effects its nutritional content when during a heating process. So...
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    Experimental Design

    Hi everyone I am trying to figure out the best possible way to design an experiment I am interested in. I want to investigate the effect of three factors (A,B,C) and A has 3-levels, B has 2-level and C has 2-level and we will have 2 runs. I want to investigate these factors before a treatment...
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    Evalution of recored temperatures before and after

    Hi I have recorded the temperature of a fluid in a container before and after heating, and want to evaluate the significance by looking at the mean differences of the temperature before and after using SAS jmp. I used 8 different samples and from them I recorded the temperature before and...