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    sampling distributions - composed of permutations or combinations?

    This seems like a very basic question, but I'm having a hard time answering it by googling. If a sampling distribution is composed of all the values of a given statistic derived from all possible samples of a given sample size, then does "all possible samples" refer to nPr or nCr? My guess is...
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    Mistake in a textbook: What proportion of studies make "wrong" conclusions?

    I found the following statement in an undergraduate psychology textbook: The way I would read those sentences, they are clearly incorrect. Look at the last sentence: This sentence refers to 5% "of research conclusions." That sounds to me like mistaken research conclusions of all types --...
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    testing for significant differences among three proportions

    Hi, I know that three proportions seems like a Chi-Square problem, but I'm having trouble making my problem conform to a Chi-Square. Let's say I have three gatherings of people, and for each one I have measured the proportion of people that is over 30 years old; and I'm comfortable treating...