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    Reliability measure of price indices

    Is there any method to calculate a reliability score for a price based on the date gap? As an example if the price has not varied over a large period of time that means the std deviation of that price is low then the reliability of that price is not varying is high. On the other hand if...
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    Price Prediction

    I have a large set of search data from a particular website. A sample data set is attached here. Data set includes nearly 11,000 rows. What I want to do is to predict the price. I want to predict the price for a particular holiday id, particular Inhouse rating, particular star rating...
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    Cluster Analysis on Big data

    I have a very large data set on booking price of the hotel packages which is containing approximately 10 columns and 100,000 rows. Majority of the variables are categorical here while there is only one continuous variable (i.e. price). Categorical variables are Cabin class, Board basis, In...
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    K-means clustering

    Is there any algorithm to find the value of 'k' in k-means clustering for a big data set?
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    Discrete vs Continuous time series models

    What is the difference between discrete and continuous time series models? It will be great help for me someone can give me some examples for these two models.