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    Comparing quantitative parameter between two groups with only one of these having repeated measures

    My question regards the best way of comparing two groups for differences in the levels of several quantitative parameters. Here, for only one of the groups there are 4 repeated measurements at different intervals. The data -We have two groups we want to compare: one consists of ~200 patients at...
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    How to check if vector is close to space spanned by 2 basis vectors (lin. regression)

    Here is the situation: I have measured gene expression data for cells that have been subjected to three different stimuli. This means I have 3 long vectors with numbers that describe how active each gene is in each sample. To clarify: say we are looking at sample one, I have a number for each...
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    Test if subsample from a large population is over-represented by extreme values

    hi everyone, I want to do a statistical test for significance, but I'm having difficulty deciding which test is most suitable. I was hoping to get some help. My data: I have changes in gene expression after a pertubation, to be precise, a log2-fold change i.e. log2((expression after...