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    Comparison of beta coefficients within the same group

    Hello! I have a question, to which I have found some answers from different sources, but never really applicable to my problem. So, I have measured how Var1 predicts Var2 (beta = .14) Then, I have measured how Var1 predicts Var2 while controlling for Var3 (beta = .12). How can I measure if...
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    Likert scale data -can I use paired t-test? What about normality testing?

    Hey all! I have read many contradicting manuals and advice, so I decided to ask the best experts –you guys :) I have data from 40 subjects. I asked them to analyze eight short films (four sad ones, four neutral ones). I asked them to rate on a Likert scale 1 (not at all)-5 (very much) how much...