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    RCT Design Moderation Analysis (SPSS,Process) - is it allowed to check moderation only in EG

    Hi for an randomized-controlled experiment we have 5 groups: 2 Control Groups (CG, passive and active) + 3 Experimental Groups (EG, Doseage of the Intervention). We also have two measurement time points T1 and T2 and found a significant interaction with a mixed ANOVA between Condition (Group)...
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    Spearman-Brown (Prophecy) Formula - Internal Consistency in SC-IAT

    Hi, for a project we used a single category implict association test (SC-IAT) similar to the one described by Karpinski et al. (2006) Internal Consistency is an important topic for implicit measures. Thus and in an effort to keep it comparable to the original study we want to calculate the...
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    Mixed ANOVA - Can We Standardize After Box-Cox Transformed Values

    Background: In a mixed ANOVA (2 timepoints, 3 interventiongroups, so 2x3 factorial ANOVA), the homogeneity of the residual variance was violated as indicated by significant Levene test, for the post-intervention measurement timepoint (T2) As far as I understand it, this prohibits any further...