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    1IV with three levels and multiple DV's - Appropriate analysis?

    Hi all I am a bit confused about the statistical analysis I should perform on my data (when I have it). I have been advised to do a multi-level modelling but I can't seem to get everything to fit and make sense. Alternatively, I have thought about doing a multiple regression. The measures are...
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    Multi-level modelling

    Can anyone recommend some reading for this type of analysis - something basic if possible :eek: Thank you in advance.
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    Multivariate Analysis of Variance

    Hi all I am currently preparing my research for ethics submission but trying to establish an accurate sample size using G*Power. Apologies in advance if I do not explain this accurately and will try to simplify it as much as possible. I have three groups that will be determined based on...
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    Looking at relationships

    Hi all This might sound like a ridiculous question but I'm looking at relationships that have not been investigated before. The experiment is a repeated measures design and looking to recruit participants between 16-25. I am not sure how many participants in going to need. Can anyone help?
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    Learning statistics

    Hi all I am about to restart my education at University but I have forgotten most of what I have learned. Here to refresh my knowledge and expand it.