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    Factors influencing a nominal variable

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in this! I have a dataset set up with a variable, agreement (coded 0) or disagreement (1), for each case with several other possible factors in that agreement. These factors are continous or nominal in nature. My desire is to find which factor does...
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    Within-subject and between subject-variability

    Dear experts and users: I was instructed to calculate the within-subject and between subject variability of a data set from one of my PIs. I would love any guidance on how to report them! I have scoured Google and textbooks, but unfortunately there is a scarcity of guidance. Would a...
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    Help on one sample repeated measures (>2 data points per subject)

    Dear members of Talk Stats forum: I come to you in the hope that you can point me in the right direction to explore. I am trying to find the appropriate statistical test for a one sample, repeated measure experiment. Basically, I am measuring variable A on each participant at seven time...