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    likert with dimensions calculate range

    hello, I am trying to calculate the intervals / categories of a dimension of 4 items / questions Dimension Q1 | x | x | x | x | Q2 | x | x | x | x | Q3 | x | x | x | x | Q4 | x | x | x | x | intervals 4 - x (not satisfied at all) x - x x - x x - 16 (Totally satisfied) how...
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    how to interpret the seasonal Arima model in equation

    Hello, I have managed to get an Arima model with R but I have not managed to create the mathematical model SARIMA(4,1,1)(0,1,1)_{12} can you help me create the mathematical model? Y =
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    Test Durbin Watson(error independence)

    Hello, I am solving an example of Design of experiments of a variable (DCA). It turns out that, on having applied logarithmic transformations, durbin watson throws a similar value, being the different graph library(lmtest) tb = data.frame("treat" = factor(x = c(rep(1:5, c(4,4,4,4,4)), labels...
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    completely random design, violate normality

    --------- DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS ----- Hello I have a difficulty in the following case: normality (0.0001) constant variance independence of errors when I apply the Kolmogorov test corrected by Lilliefors (0.0001), then I reject H0 and this violates 1 test assumption. I have now been told that...
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    how to create a portfolio using xts time series

    Hello, I have already corrected the stationary of my elements with diff, but to analyze the VaR (), CVaR (). It is necessary to create a portfolio, I have seen many packages that have left me confused. How is the procedure to create a crypto portfolio? that is I must assign all the columns of...
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    a function created does not work

    Hello, I had created a function and I aimed to verify if it complies with certain data and if it was, then it is stored in another variable. data = c(12, 20, 11, 16, 18, 32, 22 , 8) class = function(N){} tabla1= c(1:8) for (i in length(N)){ if (data[i]<21.78){ table1[i]= data[i]...