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    Correlation signficance

    I would appreciate help in checking whether my attempt to decide whether my correlations are significant is correct – I suspect not, and would welcome a correct set of functions. After computing the correlation of two arrays, for example: JL50: CORREL($QW$5:$QW$46,JL$5:JL$46) = 0.4084, I then...
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    Correlation of t-test or both?

    I would appreciate some guidance. I am tracking 300-odd occasionally used variables against a succession of dependent variables (one at a time) in order to see which one/s are possibly of importance - with a view to using or dropping those which are. n varies between 12 for some variables up to...
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    Correlation evaluation

    Is there a single statistic which can reflect the different importance between similar correlations, say 0.7, based on different sample sizes such as n=10 and n=1,000?
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    To assess meaningfulness between an independent variable and a dependent one, is just the p value alone adequate and/or the correlation?

    To decide whether there is a probable meaningful relationship between dependent/independent variables, is it best to use just the t test (at, say, 5%; anything less than this meaning it is unlikely for the relationship to happen by chance and so is probably meaningful); or look at the variance...