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    Hello all, I have accuracy scores on 6 different tests. I have calculated the percentage of the accuracy in each test so that each of the tests has a score on the same scale (0-100%). I want to see how well do each of the 6 different tests correlate with a 7th test. I have been told I should...
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    [interaction] link, anova

    Hello, Two things: (1) I will be happy if someone could refer me to a link whether it is explained what an interaction is. (2) I was wondering if it is possible to check for an interaction without doing an anova. I think the anova in spss already spits out whether there is an...
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    single-case study

    Dear friends, I am running a single case study. I am collecting correct and incorrect responses on two similar tests in 3 moments in time. I would like to know two things: - if there exist significant differences between each of the three times within each test and where are those...